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CIM1000 Urethane Coating 5 Gallons
CIM1000 Urethane Coating 5 Gallons

CIM1000 Urethane Coating 5 Gallons


CIM 1000 is a liquid applied urethane coating that cures in hours to form a tough elastomeric liner that adheres to most substrates, forming a chemical and abrasion resistant barrier for waterproofing, corrosion protection, and containment of water and most aqueous chemicals.

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$880.60 Per 5 Gallon Mixture

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CIM 1000 is initially shiny black, turning dull over 3 to 6 months when exposed to direct
sunlight. For a colored or reflecting surface finish, see C.I.M Industries Instruction Guide,
Topcoats for further instructions.


88% (1413 dry mils x sq. ft./gal.)


Recommended minimum thickness at all points of the coating is 60 wet mils.

Higher coverages may be specified, but extended time is required to insure proper
solvent release prior to placing the liner in service. Contact C.I.M. Industries for
additional information.


92 g/l (0.76 lb./gal.). CIM 1000 complies with the toughest VOC regulations.