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Crossflow Splash Fill
Crossflow Splash Fill

Crossflow Splash Fill


4"V-Bar PVC splash fill 6' Long
minimum 45 mil thick

Online Sale Price

$3.55 Each

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Parallel splash with stainless steel hangers, fill clips, and 4x8 centers Parallel splash in FRP crossflow tower. 4x8 centers Parallel splash with stailess steel hangers Parallel splash fill with clips Parallel splash and pvc coated hangers. 4x8 centers Perpendicular splash fill with stainless steel hangers. 4x8 centers Parallel splash fill in crossflow natural draft Parallel splash FRP tower 8x8 centers

Product Weights

mils mm lbs/ft kg/m
50 (standard) 1.3 .12 .18
80 (heavy duty) 2.0 .19 .28

Product Dimensions

Width Height Length
3.75" (95 mm) 1.68" (43 mm) Extruded to any length 50 mil: 2 ft. (610 mm)
80 mil: per ice load specs